Portable Horse Run-In Sheds

The Derksen Portable Barn is the best portable horse shed for those looking for a cost-effective solution. They are available in 10′, 12′ and 14′ depth and available with or without tact room. The exterior of building is metal and the interior is lined with wood. Windows can be added.


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  • On Treated and Painted product line, exposed nails are ring shank and galvanized for maximum strength and no rust spots or stains.
  • The 2×4 reinforced doors are designed to seat out rain and rodents and are key locked for your protection.
  • All exposed material is pressure treated.
  • All buildings come with locks and keys.


Get The Derksen Portable Horse Run-In Shed Now!

If you need a  portable horse shed ,
the Derksen Portable Horse Run-In Shed is the most effective solution!

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These units are available through Enterprise Center in Texas only.
For availability outside of TX, please visit www.derksenbuildings.com for a dealership near you.


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Are you interested in purchasing a Derksen Portable Horse Run-In Shed and need pricing?  We have a website dedicated to providing Cash Prices, Rent To Own Payments and other important details.